This is a collection of various MRE and ration-related videos found around the Internet. Most of the videos should be linked to their original sources but if you find one that’s dead, please contact us and we’ll try to get it fixed.

General MREs

MREs Getting Makeover MRE Cracker Challenge (Marine)
Kids Review MRE Snack Bread MRE Cracker Challenge (Civilian)


First Strike Rations

First Strike Ration First Strike Ration and UGR-E


Canadian IMPs

Canadian IMP Packaging and Tasting Canadian Kitchen Support Staff Keep Soldiers Fed
Canadian Military Cooks Feed 1500 Recruits Canadian Soldiers Taste Future Ration Packs
Canadian Reservists Learn to Feed an Army


Chinese Rations

How to Prepare a Chinese Military Ration


German Rations

German Bundeswehr EPa Part 1 Bundeswehr EPa (German Rations) Video – Part 2
Eating in German Mess Hall Making of German EPa Bread


Italian Rations

Italian Ration Review


Civilian MREs

The Epicenter’s Warehouse
Pork Sausage Patty from Meal Kit Supply