International Rations

Here you will find information on military rations from various countries around the world. If you have any information you think would be a good addition (especially pictures or samples), please feel free to email me at
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British 24 Hour Ration

Canadian IMP

Spanish ration

Russian IRP

Polish ration

South Korean ration

North America

Canada – IMPs

United States – MREs, RCWs, MCIs, etc.


France – RCIRs

Germany – Einmannpackung – EPAs

Great Britain – 24-Hour Ration Packs

Italy – Special Combat Food Ration

Netherlands – Dutch Army Rations

Eastern Europe

Russia – 24-Hour Individual Food Ration


Australia – CR1M, PR1M, CR5M Combat Ration Packs


German EPA

Australian Combat Ration

New Zealand Ration

Singapore Ration