MRE Improvements

MRE XXXV (24 Menus) 2015 Production

Items IN:
Diced chicken
Hash brown potatoes w/bacon
Apple- sauce pound cake
Dark chocolate fudge w/chocolate chips brownie
Cran-grape beverage base
Buffalo sauce
Chili lime hot sauce
Peppermint and wintergreen mint
Items OUT:
Chicken w/tomatoes and feta
Pork sausage in cream gravy

MRE XXXIV (24 Menus) 2014 Production

Items IN:
Shredded BBQ beef
Vegetarian taco pasta
Seasoned black beans
Trans-fat free brownie
BBQ corn nuts
Honey mustard and onion pretzel nibblers
Caramel hard candy
Trans-fat free pound cake
Chiptole tortilla
Items OUT:
Chicken fajita
Veggie lasagna
Refried beans
Potato cheddar soup

MRE XXXIII (24 Menus) 2013 Production

Items IN:
Jalapeño pepper jack beef patty
Beef taco filling
White wheat snack bread
Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie
Chocolate-filled pound cake
Barbecue almonds
Fruit-flavored hard candy
Trans-fat free dairy shakes
Lemon iced tea
Yellow mustard
Items OUT:
Beef pot roast with vegetables
Sloppy joe filling

MRE XXXII (24 Menus) 2012 Production

Items IN:
Asian pepper steak
Mexican chicken stew
Au gratin potatoes
Multi-grain snack bread
Jalapeño cheese filled crackers
Banana nut Ranger bar w/extra fiber
Multigrain snack bread
Sour fruit flavored discs
Items OUT:
Buffalo chicken
Mexican rice

MRE XXXI (24 Menus) 2011 Production

Items IN:
Chunk light tuna (lemon pepper)
Sausage w/creamy gravy
Santa Fe rice & beans
Italian bread sticks
Apple filled pastry
Wheat snack bread
Granola w/bananas
Corn nuts
Turkey bites
Apple cinnamon muffin tops
Hot sauce powder
Mustard powder
Hot sauce (pouch)
Buffalo Bob’s Everything Sauce® (pouch)
Sugar free spice apple cider
Sugar free raspberry lemonade w/fiber
Electrolyte beverage (lemon lime
Items OUT:
Tuna (white albacore)
Chicken & dumplings
Veggie griller
Mexican corn
Wheat snack bread

MRE XXX (24 Menus) 2010 Production

Items IN:
Southwest beef & black beans
Mediterranean chicken
Garlic mashed potatoes
Jalapeño cashews
Maple griddle cake
Pan coated flat-bottom tear drops
Mint (peppermint)
Mint (wintergreen)
Mint (caffeine)
Cinnamon roll
Cookie (brownie flavor)
Table syrup
Sugar free beverage base (w/vitamin C)
Items OUT:
Grilled chicken breast
Beef enchilada
Mashed potatoes

MRE XXIX (24 Menus) 2009 Production

Items IN:
Buffalo chicken
Beef brisket
Maple sausage
Potato cheddar soup
Corn bread
Chocolate chip snack bar
Cran apple snack bar
French toast cookie
Cracker combos, pepperoni
Cracker combos, cheddar
Ranch dressing, fat free
True lemon packet
Items OUT:
Chicken w/salsa
Veggie omelet
Clam chowder

MRE XXVIII (24 Menus) 2008 Production

Items IN:
Chicken Pesto Pasta*
Lasagna w/vegetables
Granola w/milk & blueberries
Instant vanilla or chocolate pudding
Toaster pastries, chocolate chip & French toast
Chipotle snack bread
Choclettos® candy
Twizzler Nibs®
Chocolate covered coffee beans
Patriot cookies
Cheezits®, hot & spicy
Coffee, Irish cream
Dairy shake, banana/strawberry
Salsa verde
Butter Buds®
Splenda® packet
Items OUT:
Chicken w/cavatelli
Vegetable manicotti

MRE XXVII (24 Menus) 2007 Production

Items IN :
Meatballs w/ marinara sauce
Chicken & dumplings
Cornbread stuffing
Fried rice
Skittles®: Wild Berry, Tropical
Marble pound cake
Green pepper hot sauce
Seasoning packets (BBQ, pizza)
Apple butter
Chunky peanut butter Reese’s Pieces®
Items OUT:
Cajun rice w/ sausage
Yellow & wild rice

* NDI = Non-Developmental Item

MRE XXVI (24 Menus) 2006 Production

IN (R&D Items):
IN (NDI Items):
Chili with beef
Tuna fish
Mexican corn
Mango peach applesauce
Raisin nut mix w/ pan coated chocolate discs
Caramel apple bar
Toaster pastry, frosted brown sugar cinnamon
Chocolate banana muffin top
Xylitol gum
Cocoa, chocolate hazelnut flavored
Mayonnaise, fat free
Pizza cheese spread
Chocolate peanut butter spread
Beefsteak w/ mushroom gravy
Chicken tetrazzini

MRE XXV (24 Menus) 2005 Production

IN (R&D Items):
Penne w/ spicy tomato sauce
Sloppy Joe filling
IN (NDI Items):
Chicken fajita
Cheese omelet w/ vegetables
Hash browns w/ bacon
Smoke house almonds
Ranger bar
Cheese Nips
Raisins (osmotically dried)
Skittles, peppermint and spearmint
White chocolate/raspberry cookie
Scone, cinnamon
Blueberry-cherry cobbler
Sports Day beverages
Jalapeno ketchup
Steak sauce
Pasta w/ vegetables in tomato sauce
Thai chicken
Country Captain chicken
Beef teriyaki

MRE XXIV (24 Menus) 2004 Production

IN (R&D Items):
Veggie griller w/ BBQ sauce
Mexican macaroni & cheese
IN (NDI Items):
Cajun rice with sausage
Cheese spread with bacon
Carrot cake
Molasses cookie
Toffee crunch cookie
Kreamsicle cookie
Dried cranberries
Dried cherries
Red hot cinnamon candies
Peanut M&Ms
Bean and rice burrito
Turkey breast with potatoes

MRE XXIII (24 Menus) 2003 Production

IN (R&D Items):
Hearty New England clam chowder
Applesauce, carbohydrate fortified
IN (NDI Items):
Pot roast with vegetable
Barbecue pork rib
Vegetable manicotti
Peanut butter M&Ms
Crispy M&Ms
Almond poppyseed pound cake
Pumpkin pound cake
Chocolate mint cookie
Vanilla waffle sandwich cookie
Jamaican pork chop
Pasta with Alfredo sauce
Beef with mushrooms

MRE XXII (24 Menus) 2002 Production

IN (R&D Items):
Hamburger patty
IN (NDI Items):
Beef steak with mushroom gravy
Multigrain cereal
Cappuccino: mocha & vanilla
Dairy shakes: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry
Barbecue sauce
Picante sauce
Seasoning blend, salt free
Ground red pepper
Beef steak
Chicken with rice
Hot sauce (4 menus)

MRE XXI (24 Menus) 2001 Production

Notes: will add two new entrees, one starch, two snack breads and nine snacks.

IN (R&D Items):
Seafood jambalaya
Beef enchilada
Mashed potatoes
IN (NDI Items):
Wheat snack bread
Plain snack bread
Peanut butter cookies
Cheese filled pretzels
Chocolate chip cookies
Honey nut mini wheat snack cereal
Cinnamon snack cereal
Spice pound cake
M&M cookies
Pork chow mein
Smoky franks

MRE XX (24 Menus) 2000 Production

Notes: added two new entrees, three soups/starches, two nutrient-infused fruits and three snacks.
IN (R&D Items):
Country Captain chicken
Chicken tetrazzini
Raspberry applesauce
IN (NDI Items):
Western style beans
Yellow & wild rice pilaf
Marshmallow treats
Graham treats
Oatmeal cookie
Chicken stew
Ham slice

MRE XIX (24 Menus) 1999 Production

Notes: introduced one new entree and three snacks.

IN (R&D Items):
Raisin nut mix
IN (NDI Items):
Lemon poppyseed pound cake
Black bean & rice burrito (vegetarian)
Toasted peanut butter & crackers
Cheese peanut butter & crackers
Oatmeal cookie bar (compressed)

MRE XVIII (24 Menus) 1998 Production

Notes: brought the number of different menus to 24 when four ethnic-style entrees were added. Many new starches and snacks and a new vegetable cracker were added.
IN (R&D Items):
Beef teriyaki
Chicken strips in salsa
Buttered noodles
IN (NDI Items):
Spicy oriental chicken
Meat loaf with brown gravy
Pasta with vegetables in Alfredo sauce (vegetarian)
Granola bars: peanut butter, honey nut
Fruit filled bars
Cinnamon apples
Apple cinnamon toaster pastry
Snack mix
Shortbread cookies
Chewy chocolate bar
Tea bag
Vegetable cracker
Pork with rice in BBQ sauce
Tuna with noodles

MRE XVII (20 Menus) 1997 Production

Notes: increased the menu size to 20 meals, introducing five new entrees with only one replacement. New commercial snack items, beverages and beef jerky were added.
IN (R&D Items):
Beef w/ mushroom gravy
IN (NDI Items):
Jamaican pork chop/noodles
Beef ravioli
Turkey breast w/ potatoes
Chicken w/ noodles
Fig bars
Snacks: corn chips, cheese curls, pretzels
Fruit flavored hard candy (individually wrapped)
Fruit flavored disc candy
Peanut bar
Apple cider beverage
Beef jerky
Strawerry jam
Escalloped potatoes w/ ham

MRE XVI 1996 Production (16 Menus)

Notes: added four new entrees, including NDI, vegetarian and ethnic selections, as well as two new starches and jalapeno cheese spread.
IN (R&D Items):
Grilled beef steak
Mexican rice
White rice, butter flavored
New easy-open meal bag w/ graphics
Two-sided nutritional insert
IN (NDI Items):
Chicken parmesan
Pasta primavera (vegetarian)
Cheese tortellini (vegetarian)
Jalapeno cheese spread
Potatoes au Gratin

MRE XV 1995 Production

Notes: replaced lower-rated entrees with two new entrees, tavern nuts, lemon tea and an improved brownie.
IN (R&D Items):
Chili macaroni,
Fruit-wet pack (pineapple, mixed),
Chewy fudge brownie
IN (NDI* Items):
Grilled chicken,
Lemon tea-in 6 menus,
Tavern nuts
Corned Beef Hash,
Omelet w/ ham,
Fruit-freeze dried,
Chocolate covered brownie,
Coffee (6 menus)

MRE XIII/XIV 1993/1994 Production

IN (R&D Items):
Smoky franks
Pork chow mein
Pound cakes (five types)
Fruit-wet pack (peaches, pears)
Flameless Ration Heaters
IN (NDI* Items):
Chow mein noodles
Potato sticks
Sugar free beverage in 6 menus
Heat stable chocolate bar
Meatballs w/ tomato sauce
Chicken ala king
Nut cakes
Beverage base/sugar (6 menus)