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Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs)Meal, Cold Weather

Welcome to MRE Info! This site is all about U.S. military operational rations - both current and from the recent past. You'll also find information on some foreign rations (Canadian and British). Feel free to contact us if you have any information on rations from other countries.

MRE stands for Meal, Ready-to-Eat and is currently the main individual operational ration for the U.S. military. MREs are meant to be completely self-contained meals that provide all the nutrition a solider-on-the-go needs to sustain him/herself. Typical contents include entree, side dish, crackers, peanut butter/cheese spread, dessert, instant coffee/tea, matches, toilet paper, spoon, and a heater to heat the main entree. While everything in an MRE can be eaten cold, it usually tastes better warm.

MREs have been under development for the past twenty years. As a result, many changes have been made to the contents, packaging, and appearance of MREs. I've attempted to cover all these changes and provide pictures wherever possible.

U.S. Military MREs

MRE - Meal, Ready-to-Eat

FSR - First Strike Ration 

RCW - Ration, Cold Weather

MCI - Meal, Combat, Individual (c-rations)

Other Current Operational Rations

Meal Ready-to-Eat

Civilian MREs

Ameriqual aPack

Meal Kit Supply


Sopakco Sure-Pak 12

Wornick Eversafe


Civilian MRE Comparison

Civilian MRE Cases
British Rations
French RCIR
Italian Combat Ration

Other Countries

Australian Combat Ration Pack  

British 24-Hour Ration Pack

Canadian IMP

French RCIR

German EPa

Italian Combat Ration  

Russian IRP

Canadian IMPs
German EPa
Russian Ration