IMP Picture Gallery

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of various Canadian IMPs from different years.

Canadian IMP Menu 5, Beef StroganoffCanadian IMP Breakfast/Lunch Menu 1, Beans and WienersCanadian IMP Lunch/Dinner Menu 2, Beef Vegetable and StewCanadian IMP Lunch/Dinner Menu 2, Beef and Vegetable StewCanadian IMP bottomCanadian IMP cases and individual IMPsCanadian IMP Lunch Menu 6 Chili Con CarneCanadian IMP Breakfast/Lunch Menu 4 Ham Steak and Pineapple SauceCanadian IMP Supper Menu 4 Cabbage RollsCanadian IMP Lunch/Dinner Menu 6 Beef Chop SueyCanadian IMP Lunch/Dinner Menu 5 Beef RavioliCanadian IMP Lunch/Dinner Menu 2 Turkey A La KingCanadian IMPs - Supper Menu 3, Dinner Menu 3 and Lunch Menu 41999 breakfast/lunch Canadian IMPs1999 Supper Canadian IMPs2001 Dinner Canadian IMPs2001 Lunch/Dinner Canadian IMPs2001 Supper Canadian IMPsCandian IMP 1998 Supper Menu Salisbury Steak2002 Canadian IMP cases and IMPs1999 breakfast/lunch menu 3 sausage and hashbrowns1998 breakfast/lunch menu 3 sausage and hashbrownsCanadian IMP 1999 lunch menu 3 shepherd's pie2001 Lunch Canadian IMPsCanadian IMP 1999 lunch menu 1 turkey and vegetable stew03 supper menu 1 meat balls2000 supper menu 3 meatloaf w/onion sauceDifferent cases of old Canadian IMPsOlder Canadian IMPs, Supper Menu 6, Supper Menu 3 and Supper Menu 5Canadian IMP open caseCanadian IMP 03 supper menu 6 salmon filet nature