Current U.S. Rations


Humanitarian Daily Ration (HDR)

The original requirement for the HDR was based on a need for a means of feeding large populations of displaced persons or refugees under emergency conditions. The HDR is similar in concept to the Meal, Ready-to-Eat as it is composed of ready-to-eat thermostabilized entrees and complementary components and is packaged in materials structurally similar to the MRE. However, the similarity ends there. The components are designed to provide a full day’s sustenance to a moderately malnourished individual. In order to provide the widest possible acceptance from the variety of potential consumers with diverse religious and dietary restrictions from around the world, the HDR contains no animal products or animal by-products, except that minimal amounts of dairy products are permitted. Alcohol and alcohol based ingredients are also banned.

HDR - Humanitarian Daily Rations HDR - Humanitarian Daily Ration Contents


Tailored Operational Training Meal (TOTM)

The TOTM was designed as a lower-calorie “sack lunch” type of MRE used for inactive duty training (classroom work, etc.). These MREs utilize many of the same components as regular MREs – there are just fewer of them.

TOTM - Tailored Operational Training Meal TOTM - Tailored Operational Training Meal Contents


Food Packet, Long Range Patrol (LRP)

The Food Packet, Long Range Patrol (LRP), is designed to be an extended life operational ration that will be used to sustain personnel during initial assault, special operations, and long range reconnaissance missions. NOTE: it looks like the DSCP removed this web page for the old LRP-only web page. The new link now points to the MCW/LRP page. You can find the old page here.

LRP - Food Packet, Long Range Patrol and Contents


Meal, Cold Weather (MCW)

The Meal, Cold Weather (MCW) is intended for cold weather feeding, it will not freeze and supplies extra drink mixes for countering dehydration during cold weather activities. It can be issued at three per day for a complete cold weather ration. The MCW is packaged in a white camouflage pouch similar to the RCW.

MCW - Meal, Cold Weather MCW - Meal, Cold Weather Contents



The Meal, Religious, Kosher or Halal is utilized to feed those individuals in the Military Service who maintain a strict religious diet. Each meal consists of one Kosher or Halal certified entree and religiously certified/acceptable complementary items sufficient to provide the recommended daily nutritional requirements. Like the MRE, it is a totally self-contained meal; however, it is not combined in a flexible meal bag.

Kosher/Halal MRE Entree MRE Kosher Case