Russian Ration Review – Norge

Russian Ration Review

By: norge
Date: June 17, 2007

One of the forums members, norge, reviewed a recent Russian ration . Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact date of the ration but these pictures should give you some idea of the contents.

Russian Ration Container
Russian ration container
Russian ration parts – labeled Russian ration parts –¬†unlabelled
Russian ration contents - labelled Russian ration contents - unlabelled
Chocolate dessert and sugar Meat pate and U.S. M&Ms
Russian ration chocolate dessert and sugar Russian Ration Meat pate and US M&Ms
Crackers, vitamin pill, and hand wipes Plum jam and plum & raisin sports bar
Russian Ration crackers, vitamin pill, and hand wipe Russian Ration plum jam and plum & raisin sports bar
Pork with Rice Ground beef with barley grains
Russian Ration pork with rice Russian Ration ground beef with barley grains
I didn’t finish this dinner something in me said no go This was good!

Cheers from norge!