Where to buy – MREs

Where to buy – MREs

A list of vendors of MRE products and civilian MREs. Full military MREs are not available for commercial/civilian purchase.

Web Link
  Link The Epicenter

Based in Eugene, Oregon, The Epicenter sells civilian MREs and MRE entrees, sides, accessories, etc.

  Link MREDepot.com

Based in San Clemente, CA, MREDepot.com specializes in MRE’s, Freeze Dried, Canned and other shelf stable bulk storage foods.

  Link MREFoods.com

Based in Evansville, Indiana, MREFoods sells civilian MREs and MRE entrees, sides, etc.

  Link Meyers Custom Supply

Carries Sopakco Sure-Pak 12 civilian MREs and other misc. disaster preparedness supplies.

  Link BePrepared.com (Emergency Essentials)
  Link Long Life Food Depot

Large selection of MRE entrees, sides, desserts, etc.

  Link CampingSurvival.com

Camping Survival.com is a source for camping supplies, and survival and emergency gear. They carry MREs, water filter systems, BDUs, first aid kits, survival guides, camp stoves, emergency kits, etc.