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FSR Sandwich Taste Report

I recently had the opportunity to sample one of the new Italian Shelf-Stable Sandwiches that come with the FSR. Here is a quick review and some pictures.


The sandwich itself is a bit smaller and flatter than the commercial "Hot Pockets". As for the taste, my first thought was that they must have come up with a way to re-use the MRE's Wheat Snack Bread because that's what the bread in the sandwich tastes like. The label claims the sandwich contains Italian Sausage and Pepperoni but the contents all look and taste the same - pretty much like a diced Slim Jim. The wheat-snack-bread-like bread along with the Slim Jim'ish meat filling combined to create a rather dry, but edible sandwich

Overall, considering that this is a shelf-stable sandwich that is designed to last for a minimum of two years, it wasn't too bad. It doesn't really compare to a commercial "Hot Pocket", but those things require freezing to store and a microwave oven to eat. So all in all, this is a good step forward for military feeding.


FSR Package
FSR Sandwich
FSR Sandwich
FSR Sandwich
FSR Sandwich
FSR Sandwich