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First Strike! Energy Bars

Here are the official labels and nutritional labels for the First Strike! Energy Bars (formely Hooah! Bars).

Apple-Cinnamon - 2.3 oz. Energy Bar

Apple-Cinnamon - 1.2 oz. Dessert Bar

Apple-Cinnamon Bar Apple-Cinnamon Bar Apple-Cinnamon Bar Apple-Cinnamon Bar
Chocolate - 2.3 oz. Energy Bar Chocolate - 1.2 oz. Dessert Bar
Chocolate BarChocolate Bar Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar
Cran-Raspberry - 2.3 oz. Energy Bar Cran-Raspberry - 1.2 oz. Dessert Bar
Cran-Raspberry BarCran-Raspberry Bar Cran-Raspberry Bar Cran-Raspberry Bar
Mocha - 2.3 oz. Energy Bar Mocha - 1.2 oz. Dessert Bar
Mocha Bar Mocha Bar Mocha Bar
Raspberry - 2.3 oz. Energy Bar
Raspberry BarRaspberry Bar