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MREInfo Entree Reviews

mre entrees

Here are some other MRE taste tests from around the internet:

Evaluation and Taste Test of MREs by Tom Faller
Bob Harvey's MRE Taste Test (from usenet misc.survivalism)

And here are my own personal opinions of various MRE entrees:

Ham Slices - very good, like Hormel Tender Chunk Ham. Goes good mixed with potatoes au gratin.
Beef w/ Mushrooms - excellent - good mixed with rice
Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce - ok, a little dry, small ravioli
Beefsteak - not bad, meat patty, tasty by itself, better on bread with cheese
Beef Stew
Cheese Tortellini - excellent veggie entree
Chicken & Rice - very good
Chicken Breast Fillets
Chicken Breast with Cavatelli - one of my favorites, good hot or cold
Chicken, Noodles & Vegetables - ok entree, like chicken and rice but with noodles
Chicken Stew
Chili & Macaroni - very good, tasty
Corned Beef Hash - even a 10 year old entree was still good
Escalloped Potatoes w/ Ham - good, a 10 year old entree was still tasty
Beef Frankfurters - four half-sized hotdogs, avoid them cold
Meatballs, Beef & Rice - not bad, tasty
Omelet w/ Ham
Pasta & Vegetables - ok veggie entree, I like to add the chicken breast to this one
Pork Chop, Boneless
Pork Chow Mein - surprisingly excellent when combined with the chow mein noodles
Pork w/ Rice in BBQ Sauce - very good
Spaghetti w/ Meat & Sauce - decent spaghetti - lots of sauce and meat
Tuna w/ Noodles - not too bad
Turkey Breast w/ Potatoes & Gravy - excellent entree
Beef Enchilada, in Sauce - pretty good, a little dry, needs more sauce
Beef Patty, Grilled - like beefsteak, best with bread/cheese

Beefsteak, Gilled w/ Mushroom Gravy
Pork Rib, Boneless
Clam Chowder
Beef Roast w/ Vegetables
Vegetable Manicotti
Beef in Teriyaki Sauce w/ Vegetables - not bad
Black Bean and Rice Burrito
Chicken Breast Strips w/ Chunky Salsa

Chicken in Thai Sauce - ok entree, goes better mixed with rice
Chicken Tetrazzini - not bad, kind of like the chicken and noodles (which is what this is)
Meat Loaf w/ Onion Gravy - excellent entree!!
Minestrone Stew
Pasta w/ Vegetables (Alfredo Style)
Chicken Breast, Grilled - like the beefsteak, good alone but better with bread/cheese
Beans, Western
Country Captain Chicken - not my favorite, curry flavored but has annoying almond pieces in it

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