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Cornbread Stuffing

MRE Side Dish Review: Cornbread Stuffing

By kman
October 20, 2007

"Cornbread Stuffing" is one of the new side dishes in the 2007 MRE menus.

I decided to heat this one up and not try it cold. After 10 minutes in an FRH, I opened it up and you can see the results below. At first, the contents were not very appealing - inside was just a flat, yellow mass. Even after moving it into a bowl, it still looked like a flat, yellow mass that had been moved into a bowl. But after mixing it up with a spoon, it lost its pre-packaged look.

Taste-wise, this stuff is excellent! It was not dry at all like some stuffing I've had. It was very moist - almost "sticky". It had a strong flavor and was not at all bland. Delicious!

The Packaging
Cornbread Stuffing box
Nutritional information
Nutritional Info

The Food
After heating, looking inside the pouch
Inside pouch
Out of the pouch, still not appetizing-looking
Out of pouch
In bowl, mixed up - looks better
In bowl
Up close - tastes great!
Up close