Fried Rice

MRE Side Dish Review: Fried Rice

By kman
October 20, 2007

“Fried Rice” is one of the new side dishes in the 2007 MRE menus. Having experience unheated MRE rice sides before, I opted to warm this one up in an FRH. After 10 minutes in the heater, I opened it up and you can see the results below.

To get the down-side out of the way…this dish was not overwhelming in flavor (unlike the Cornbread Stuffing, which was full of flavor). But having said that…

Overall, Fried Rice is a great improvement over the other MRE rice-based side dishes. While those other side dishes are bland, this new one has a decent flavor (but could use a little more). Actually, I think a better name for it would be “Fried Rice Casserole” because it was more casserole-like than straight-from-the-chinese-restaurant-fried-rice-like. But even as a casserole-type of side dish, this one¬†was pretty good. I added a bit of soy sauce and it got even better.
The Packaging

Fried Rice box
MRE, Fried Rice Box
MRE, Fried Rice Ingredients
Nutritional information
MRE, Fried Rice Nutritional
MRE, Fried Rice retort pouch

The Food

After heating, looking inside the pouch
MRE, Fried Rice
Out of the pouch
MRE, Fried Rice in a bowl
In bowl, mixed up – looks better
MRE, Fried Rice in a bowl
Up close – tastes good!
MRE, Fried Rice in a bowl close up