Red Feather Cheese and Butter Review

Red Feather Cheese and Butter Review

By: Treesuit
Date: March 9, 2008

Red Feather Cheese can Red Feather Cheese cans Red Feather Butter

After reading the comments on Red Feather Cheese and Butter from some of the other members of the forums I decided to give the dairy products a shot and see what they were like. Here is my experience:

The website does a good job on displaying the products and prices very nicely. I did have a little trouble with the checkout system when ordering for some reason, it kept kicking my CC number back but I got through it okay after a couple of times. The shipping delivery time was better than expected – the cheese got to my house a day early and the butter was delivered on time. The shipping prices were kind of questionable in my mind. uses UPS to deliver stuff and UPS posts through e-mails and a link to give you a idea where your package is currently. The shipping prices were okay but shipping with USPS would be more of an economical way to go and still safe, but that’s my opinion.

Red Feather Cheese

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The cheese came in an 8oz can and you have to open both ends of the can to get it out safely. I used my trusty P-38 (aka John Wayne) to open both ends. You have to kind of push it out one end to get it to move. When it does come out it has a nice white texture and color. The taste was something that was a bit different but not odd. It said on the can “processed cheese spread” and it had a hint of processed taste to it. I likened the overall taste to a Colby Jack that is sharp. I also did read somewhere on the forum that if you refrigerated the whole thing or unused portions it will firm up and maybe taste like sharp white cheddar. I had half one night with crackers and it was very smooth to taste. I put the rest in the fridge overnight and then next night had the rest. I didn’t notice a difference in the texture, taste and firmness at all; pretty much tasted the same as the previous night. The overall condition of cutting through a block was very nice, cuts smooth and even: no crumbling at all even after a stint in the fridge. I suppose if you were serving this at a social function you could pass it off as cheddar but who knows? I kept the can at room temperature which is about 68 degrees for me. For eating pleasure this was a welcome experience from the normal store bought cheese’s we’re all accustomed to. charges $ 3.95 for an 8oz can. I’d say for shelf stable cheese it’s not a bad buy, but be advised on the shipping. Unless you getting a bulk order which the company can do in 6, 12 or 36 packs it would be a deal. The butter was really something unique.

Red Feather Butter

Red Feather Butter Red Feather Butter cans

The butter is a real treat for those people looking at buying something in bulk that will last and is pretty much all natural. Again I did some reading on the forums about this product and pretty much what the other forum members had to say is right on. The butter comes in a 12oz can and is shipped by UPS, just like the cheese. The price was around a dollar more and the shipping price was a bit more as well. When you open it you do the same as the cheese can – this time is slides out much more smoothly. The texture is a light yellow color and the butter has firmness to it. It doesn’t go soft at room temperature, nor does it separate. I have had mine at 68 degrees room temp and it still holds up. I’ve had it now for about a week and I still have a lot left over. The 12oz equates to about three sticks. So for one person it’ll last a while. The taste is unique, like I said, it has a smooth, creamy flavor just like the name reads and spreads very easy over anything: especially cold items. I found it has a neutral taste to it compared to store bought butter, I had a hard time picking out anything distinct. I also found it is completely natural: a little bit of salt and pasteurized cream, that’s it! No other artificial flavors or colors. You will find the ingredients a bit different in the cheese though. Other than that I really enjoy having this around. I haven’t tried this on anything warm of course but accordingly to one other forum member this is exceptional on pancakes. I will have to try that! MREdepot also offers bulk orders for this as well, so if your looking for shelf stable butter for a good price this is it.


Overall, I’d say for people stocking up on supplies for short or long term storage or even wanting to try something new in dairy products, this would be a welcome choice. MREdepot does suggest trying one can of each on its website before ordering more or doing the bulk items just to see what your preferences are on the butter and cheese. I would say that would be a good choice. Thanks.