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[The following Italian Combat Rations pages and pictures can be found in their original form at the "Die Kampfzuteilung" web site, whose webmaster graciously allowed me to repost them here. I have reproduced the pictures and done a rough translation of the Japanese text into English. The translations are not exact but should get across the spirit of the original text.]

Italian Combat Rations: 2002 Module E Breakfast

(Die Kampfzuteilung Edition)

Breakfast Ration

Biscuits, sweet
Fruit jelly
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Chocolate bars

Breakfast ration

Biscuits (sweet) with sweetened condensed milk
From the appearance of this breakfast ration, it looks like Italians don't eat very much for breakfast. You pretty much just have your coffee and sweet biscuits. The fruit jelly bars and chocolate bar is more an extra snack.
By itself, the biscuit tastes a little sweet. But once you add the sweetened condensed milk, it becomes even more tasty.


Fruit jelly bars - orange and cherry flavored

Chocolate bar

Instant Coffee
These are generally known as jelly candy, or gum drops in the US. They are sugar coated on the outside with a jelly-like texture inside.
This is a small milk chocolate bar, with a good, sweet flavor.
It's instant coffee, but didn't taste bad. Very bitter if consumed black, or you could use the sugar and sweetened condensed milk for whitener.

Overall, Breakfast was not very impressive - maybe it's the Italian custom of having a small breakfast. As for the taste, I would say it was medium - not bad, but not overwhelmingly good.