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RCIR Pictures #2

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Here are some pictures of an opened French RCIR. I can't quite make out the menu number and date, but it looks like it's around November, 200X..

Main entree - Pork and Potatoes
Not exactly sure what this is - probably some sort of liver paté
Happy Cow Processed Cheese Spread
Two types of crackers - four packs of salty crackers, four packs of sweet crackers
Instant soup
Dark chocolate bar
Fruit-flavored energy bar
Instant chocolate drink, evaporated milk, instant coffee, and sugar
Sugar lumps
Disposable folding stove. Comes with 6 esbit tablets and matches.
Chewing gum
Folding paper towels

These pictures were taken directly from: This page is in Chinese. If you need an English translation, try this babelfish link.