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RCIR Pictures #1

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Here are some pictures of an opened French RCIR. This one is Menu 10 and is labeled "Best before 27 Jan 2001".

Here is all the food laid out in one view. It may not look like a whole day's worth of food, but that's what it's intended to be.


These are the main entrees: Beef Stew with Carrots and Pork with Vegetables. The smaller cans are the appetizers: cheese spread and pork paté.

Beef Stew with Carrots
Pork with Three Vegetables

Cheese spread on the left.

Pork Paté on the right.

Crackers (one set salty, the other set sweet), bars, and candy

Cereal bar, chocolate energy bar, lemon-flavored hard candy, and caramels

  Powdered black tea
Instant coffee
Chewing gum
Sugar cubes
Non-fat dry milk
Chocolate drink
Instant soup
Granulated sugar

Milk on top, chocolate drink on right, Green Pea soup in the bowl on the bottom

Sugar cubes and chewing gum

This is the disposable folding stove, fuel tablets, matches, and water purification tablets. In the picture below, you can see how the stove folds up. Later versions of the RCIR contact a little cardboard pot holder/handle to assist with handling the entrees after they are reheated in hot water.

These pictures were taken directly from: This page is in Japanese. If you need an English translation, try this babelfish link.