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Australian CR1M (1999)

Here is some information and pictures of an Australian CR1M Menu B from 1999. These pictures and information are originally from the Polish SpecOps page:

CR1M 1999/2000 Menu
CR1M 1999 Menu

Complete 1999 Menu B ration pack
Beverages - tea, coffee, orange beverage powder, sugar
Lemon Lime Beverage Powder
Cheddar cheese
Chocolate bar
Opened chocolate bar
Chocolate drink powder
Sweetened condensed milk - the contents may have turned a caramel color because of time/temperature but it is still safe to eat.
Freeze-dried rice
Shortbread cookies
Juicy Fruit chewing gum
Vegemite! (vegetable extract)
Breakfast - Chocolate drink, peaches, muesli bar, and one of the two main entrees.
Lunch (mid-day snack) - crackers, fruit spread, vegemite, cookies, muesli bar.
Dinner - the other main entree, soup, etc.
Dessert/snacks - M&M's, chocoate, fruit grains, etc.
Acceessory pack items - rubber bands, matches in a waterproof case, salt/pepper, toilet paper, tobasco sauce, and a FRED (Food Ration Extraction Device - but more commonly referred to as "frigging rediculous eating device") - a combination can opener/spoon.
Standard military spoon