Italian Combat Ration 2004 Module G

[The following Italian Combat Rations pages and pictures can be found in their original form at the “Die Kampfzuteilung” web site, whose webmaster graciously allowed me to repost them here. I have reproduced the pictures and done a rough translation of the Japanese text into English. The translations are not exact but should get across the spirit of the original text.]

Italian Combat Rations:
2004 Module G Contents

(Die Kampfzuteilung Edition)

2004 Module G Italian Ration

Individual ration boxes

Compared to the 2002 ration, there is a change in the labeling. The label used to have Italian and English wrting but now jus has Italian. Also, the outer packaging material is stronger than in previous versions.
Inside each ration is a box for breakfast, lunch, and supper. The color of the label of the box matches the color assigned to that ration’s “Module” letter. In this case, Module G is blue.

Breakfast ration

Lunch ration

Dinner ration

The shapes of the cans are different than those in the 2002 rations. These are more like the shapes from the 1998 rations.