Italian Combat Ration 2002 Module E Lunch

[The following Italian Combat Rations pages and pictures can be found in their original form at the “Die Kampfzuteilung” web site, whose webmaster graciously allowed me to repost them here. I have reproduced the pictures and done a rough translation of the Japanese text into English. The translations are not exact but should get across the spirit of the original text.]

Italian Combat Ration:
2002 Module E Lunch

(Die Kampfzuteilung Edition)

Pasto del Mezzogiorno (Noon Pasta)




Pasta in sauce

Sausage, canned


Mixed fruit

Vitamin tablets


Bran crackers



Lunch offers a much bigger portion of food. There are a also twice as many crackers included in this meal than in supper. If a small breakfast is a normal for Italians, the perhaps a large lunch is also normal.

Pasta with Sauce

Canned Pork

Mixed Fruit/Fruit Cocktail

The pasta in the “Pasta in Sauce” is more like a finely cut macaroni pasta. The tomato-based sauce was a little bland but with the salt added, became much better.
The canned pork was ok – you can cut off a chunk, put it on a cracker, and eat it. It’s somewhat salty.
This was your basic canned fruit. Not overly sweet. Much like the wet pack fruit in US MREs.


Instant Coffee

10 Bran tablets and Vitamin & Mineral tablet

Even though the package was still sealed, the crackers inside were a bit stale. These were sweet at all – just plain crackers with a strong wheat taste. Adding the sweetend condensed milk helps…even with the pork.
Same as the coffe in the breakfast ration.
The small tablets on the left are the bran tablets. These must be intended to keep your intestines clean by giving your body extra fiber not found in the rest of the ration. The big tablet on the right is the vitamin and mineral tablet. Neither set of tables tastes very good – very medicine-like.