Italian Combat Ration 1998 Module B

[The following Italian Combat Rations pages and pictures can be found in their original form at the “Die Kampfzuteilung” web site, whose webmaster graciously allowed me to repost them here. I have reproduced the pictures and done a rough translation of the Japanese text into English. The translations are not exact but should get across the spirit of the original text.]

Italian Combat Rations:
1998 Module B Contents

(Die Kampfzuteilung Edition)

1998 Module B

Outside bag. At this time, the text is only in Italian.

Individual meal boxes

Inside are three boxes – one each for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Breakfast ration

Sweet biscuits, 2 types of jam, cappuccino, tea,
sugar, and salt.
A small bottle of liquor, simple stove, fuel tablets,
match, toothbrush and toothpick, water purification tables, paper napkins, utensils, and an instruction sheet.

The small bottle of liquor and toothpicks

Lunch ration

Crackers, mixed fruit, pasta and beans, canned turkey, coffee and sugar, vitamins, candy, utensil set.

Dinner ration

Rice salad, beef slices, coffee and sugar,
energy bar, utensil set

There is a little less food in the supper ration than in the lunch ration.