Italian Rations Reviews

[The following Italian Combat Rations pages and pictures can be found in their original form at the “Die Kampfzuteilung” web site, whose webmaster graciously allowed me to repost them here. I have reproduced the pictures and done a rough translation of the Japanese text into English. The translations are not exact but should get across the spirit of the original text.]

Italian Special Combat Food Rations Reviews


(Die Kampfzuteilung Edition)

Italian Special Combat Food Rations

(Razione Viveri Speciale da Combattimento)

The size of the ration is approximately 30 cm x
23 cm x 10.5 cm,with a weight of 2.3 kg. Inside the ration, it is divided up into 3 boxes – one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for supper/dinner.

Compared to other country’s rations, this one is heavy. This mostly because of how it mostly uses aluminum cans for most entrees and sides.

The outer bag is vacuum packed and over the two year lifespan of the ration, it’s easy for the vacuum seal to break from random punctures.

The rations come in seven menus, or Modules, labeled A though G. Each module is also assigned a color which is indicated by a colored sticker on the ration. The colors are:

A: Yellow, B: Red, C: Gray, D: Green, E: White, F: Pink, G: Blue

In addition, one each bag is a label indicating when the ration was produced, how long it’s good for, and who produced it.

On the back of the rations is a description of the contents in both Italian and English. However, since 2004, they have started printing the descriptions only in Italian.

Contents and Reviews : Italian Special Combat Food Rations

1998 – Module B

Pictures of contents
2002 – Module E

Pictures of contents and food reviews:




2004 – Module G

Pictures of contents