Australian CR1M 2000 B Food

Australian CR1M – 2000 Menu B Food

These are some pictures of the food inside an Australian Menu B CR1M from 2000/2001. Please see the Contents web page for pictures of the unopened food inside the ration. Pictures courtesy website: Die Kampfzuteilung.

Menu B CR1M from 2000/2001
Contents of CR1M
2000/2001 Menu


Breakfast on a tray Cream crackers Cheese spread
Cheese on a cracker Chocolate bar and muesli bar Black currant food grains
Cocoa Instant coffee
Lunch on a tray Spaghetti & Meatballs Beef soup
Shortbread cookies and muesli bar Shortbread cookie with plum fruit spread Tea with sweetened condensed milk added
Dinner on a tray Beef Kai Sing Ming Peaches
ANZAC biscuit Freeze dried rice with curry powder added M&M’s chewing gum, and extra strong peppermints
Tropical and Raspberry beverage powders Matches out of waterproof case, toilet paper, and soaped scouring pad.