Australian CR1M 2000 B Contents

Australian CR1M – 2000 Menu B Contents

These are some pictures of the contents of an Australian CR1M Menu B from 2000/2001. Please see the Menu B Food web page for pictures of the actual food inside the packages. Pictures courtesy website: Die Kampfzuteilung.

2000 Menu B CR1M Rear view of the CR1M CR1M contents
Main entree cans, cheddar cheese, canned fruit Muesli bars Crackers, cookies
M&M’s, chocolate bar Freeze dried rice Chocolate drink powder, beef soup, sweetened condensed milk
Menu sheet, toilet paper, matches in waterproof case Matches out of waterproof case Plum fruit spread, Vegemite
Peppermints, gum, sugar Extra strong peppermints, gum Coffee, tea, sugar, drink mixes
Salt, pepper, chili sauce, tobasco, curry powder Black currant fruit grains Rubber bands and FRED (Food Ration Extraction Device – more commonly referred to as "frigging rediculous eating device") – a combination can opener/spoon.