Two Extremes of Accessory Packets

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Two Extremes of Accessory Packets

Post by Ringo67 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 5:55 am

So, I bought three Accessory Packets off eBay.

I decided to open the two packs that were the worst of the three. They seemed OK from the outside, although much of the printing had been rubbed off the packs.

This was the first pack I opened:
Although the pack appeared intact, it looks to me like some moisture got into it and did a number on this pack of Beechies:
The Beechies stained pretty much everything in the pack except the matches, although there's some rust on the staple of the matchbook. The creamer is hard as a rock, and I'm not so sure about the Coffee, Instant, Type I. It feels kind of mushy. I haven't tried to open the coffee, or the Beechies. But I expect I will, eventually.

My next package was in much better condition. I suspect it's a later one, but it has Coffee, Type I, and the package of coffee (and creamer) feels and sounds like they're good.
Anybody have an idea on the age of these packs? They're clearly post 1972, but other than that, I'm not sure.

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