Reviewer preferred - Rare singapore vegetarian ration

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Reviewer preferred - Rare singapore vegetarian ration

Post by Victor_88 » Thu Jun 17, 2021 9:56 pm

From the storeroom

An intact singapore 24 hour vegetarian ration

Not in-date, but not too badly out of date.

These are really rare because vegetarians dont make it into their armed forces so much, and when they do they need their food.
And those who dont eat their rations, dont often bring them out.

This item is already being offered to some youtubers for review purposes, so i don't know who will eventually give the world the first review of a vegetarian singapore ration.

It's been offered to steve, but he's dropped off the map, any one can get a hold of him?

Reviewer preferred. Price: tba

Revert any interest to

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