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MRE Postcard Forms in 2006 MREs

Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 1:51 pm
by kman
You may have heard how many soldiers in the field cut apart the cardboard boxes that the MRE entrees/sides come in and use the blank side to write postcards home. Here's an article from USA Today that explains it: Troops use MRE packaging to write home.

Here are a couple of example MRE postcards that I found here (click pictures for larger versions):

Image Image

Now it looks like they've decided to make the postcard writing process easier by including a pre-printed postcard forms on the MRE fruit cartons. These new forms, called "MRE Post Card Labels" are expected to be included in the 2006 MREs. Here's what it looks like (click for a larger version):