1999 "Thai Chicken" Menu 16 - Vintage MRE Review

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1999 "Thai Chicken" Menu 16 - Vintage MRE Review

Post by ReadinessReviews » Sun Jun 04, 2023 10:54 am

Thai Chicken MRE is a lie!! This is a Meal Ready to Eat menu I've always wanted to try out because I love Thai food: however, what the US Military calls "Menu 16 Thai Chicken" seemingly has zero inspiration from Thailand. With that said it's not a bad tasting menu, especially considering this vintage meal kit was packed back in 1999 but I still feel deceived by the title. The ration really was perfectly preserved even after almost 25 years. Even the cheese held up! It would have been perfect for Y2K prepping as long as you weren't looking for southeast Asian flavors.

Thanks for watching!

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Re: 1999 "Thai Chicken" Menu 16 - Vintage MRE Review

Post by janedoedad » Fri Jun 23, 2023 5:22 pm

Tried the 2003, Menu 6 version this evening.

Rice Pilaf bears a suspicious resemblance to the Rice-a-Roni product of the same name. Neither one being 'rice pilaf'. Closer to wild rice in sauce. Decent flavor, good color and texture for 20 years.
Thai Chicken reminds me of the canned 'chop suey', minus the noodles, my parents fed us in the 1960's. Good flavor, but nothing Thai about this. The water chestnuts were crunchy, the vegetable bits had proper texture and the sauce was pretty good. The chicken was bit on the chewy side but still tasted like chicken.
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