2015 TOTM Beef Ravioli with Meat Sauce tasting

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2015 TOTM Beef Ravioli with Meat Sauce tasting

Post by Teddydogno1 » Fri Sep 30, 2022 5:45 pm

I have quite a few rations that are getting to be a few years past their "best by" dates, so I'm going to try to eat one a week until I am sick of them, get sick, or run out of older ones.

The TOTM is as US ration used generally for meals other than "in the field". The Tailored Operational Training Meals are made by the same makers as the MRE and use mostly the same components. They generally contain fewer items and calories than a full MRE. I have about a dozen of these, but this is the first one I have eaten.

The "Beef Ravioli with Meat Sauce" was packed in early 2015. The components had pack dates like "5050" for the "Patriotic Sugar Cookies". The Plain M&Ms had a Best By date of 3/2016. Even being seven and a half years old, everything inside was still in perfect condition.


The contents include: Beef Ravioli, pretzels, patriotic sugar cookies, mango peach applesauce, lemon-lime beverage powder, M&Ms plain candies, a FRH and a standard accessory pouch. (A typical MRE would have also had crackers or bread and cheese or peanut butter in addition to these items, and possibly another beverage.)

The lemon-lime drink is a shocking green and mixed perfectly. The pretzels and cookies are in perfect condition without any hint of staleness or off flavors. The applesauce is probably as good as it ever was (which is not that good--not a fan of the flavor or texture of applesauce).


I heated the ravioli in boiling water for 10 minutes which got it nice and hot. There were no flavor issues and I certainly wouldn't mind having this again. I would say it is better than "Chef Boyardee" canned ravioli because it was not nearly as sweet and there was actual texture in the pasta and the meaty sauce.

(sorry the pic is a little soft)

Overall, it was a fair lunch while stuck at home with a family of Covid patients. I seem to have gotten off the easiest with it and we are all on the recovery side of things.


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Re: 2015 TOTM Beef Ravioli with Meat Sauce tasting

Post by M R Eedy » Mon Oct 03, 2022 8:59 am

Nice review I'd have to agree I like the mre ravioli way better than the canned glad ur family is getting better

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