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Re: warning for veterans

Post by Travelowl » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:03 pm

Perhaps your friends are just pulling your leg. Relax, I wouldn't worry.

I am a supervisor for one of the federal three letter Intel/law enforcement agencies. I also serve on a task force with seven other agencies. I have worked for a couple others as I've climbed the ladder. Most of my friends, including two of my best friends with whom I served in some very unusual military units, work for these agencies as well. I have never heard of what is being proposed here, nor has anyone ever mentioned it to me, neither officially or socially. I'm positive that one of my friends would have said something if it was true, as we are all Veterans.

It's not that I'm hiding any sort of secrets, because if I was I'd keep my mouth shut and make no comment at all, rather I'm saying that I don't believe that the OP's sources were being sincere. Could be a joke, could be looking for a reaction, I'm not sure.

I am one hundred percent certain, based on my duties at work and very broad "need to know", that I would have heard something if there was any proof to what was proposed.

Once by accident I found myself at a restaurant on Veterans' Day-- many people I know make a game of spending the day traveling to different places to take advantage, which I don't agree with. I showed my ID when the waitress asked if I was a veteran and wanted to take part in whatever the promotion was. The waitress glanced at my ID and didn't record any information and probably forgot my name as soon as she looked away, if she noticed it at all. I would have been concerned if she had in any way attempted to record my info or walk away with my ID, by she did not. I doubt anyone would put up with someone at a restaurant or retail establishment taking their ID and taking information from it on Veterans' Day.

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Re: warning for veterans

Post by rationtin440 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:49 pm

Thank you for your understanding Travelowl. I have seen restaurants scan a veteran's ID card, and I have no idea what kind of information the restaurant would have access to.

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Re: warning for veterans

Post by Treesuit » Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:49 pm


My thanks to you for coming in and being a moderator on this and for clearing up this rumor/story. At this point I'll consider this case closed.

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Re: warning for veterans

Post by noderaser » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:45 pm

I don't know about VA cards, but for current personnel it's a federal crime for anyone to make a copy of a military or government ID, for anything other than healthcare purposes. I've had to raise that issue with an online discount program; I'll gladly give my (sanitized) DD214 if verification is needed. In person, you can look at my ID if it's absolutely necessary, but it doesn't leave my possession.

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