Wornick made MREs have less calories?

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Wornick made MREs have less calories?

Post by Woodland » Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:49 am

Am I the only one who noticed that Wornick entrees seem to have less calories? Can anyone help me to find out the truth?
I checked my MRE entree cardboard collection few months ago and I noticed that those packed by The Wornick Company tend to have less protein and calories.
One more thing I have to tell is that the entrees I checked were from two different year, 2003 (Wornick) and 1998 (Ameriqual and Sopacko) respectively.
I know that my data is not complete since I didn't have every menus from 2003 and 1998.
Here are some pics:
Thai Chicken.JPG
Meatloaf w Gravy.JPG
Pasta Vegetables.JPG
Chicken Salsa.JPG
Chicken Cavatelli.JPG
Beef Ravioli.JPG

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Re: Wornick made MREs have less calories?

Post by Woodland » Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:10 am

I ordered this particular MRE to find out if it is still so. I have one Menu 14 Ratatouille from 2011 and now I have one from 2012.
Not as much difference as 5 years (1998 and 2003). I also have an Ameriqual Chicken Fajita from 2010 and one from 2012 packed by The Wornick Company.I haven't opened the Wornick one yet.
I opened the MRE bag and the first thing that struck me was the odour.It's not the usual cardboard plastic or whatever it is (which I like :oops: ) .It was like raspberry or some fruit.At least that was my first impression.How could that be?There is no fruit in this MRE :o Now I think it's just plastic.Whatever.
2012 Ratatouille .JPG
The contents:
2012 Ratatouille 1.JPG

Tortillas and peanut putter? Hmm....I can imagine tortillas only with cheese. Fortunately I have some extra crackers and cheese :)

The entree:
2012 Ratatouille 2.JPG
The one from 2011:
Sopacko Ratatouille.JPG
Different nutritional values.

Wornick Sopacko
Calories 180cal 210cal
Total Fat 5g 8g
Sodium 890mg 600mg
Total Carbohydrate 29g 29g
Fiber 4g 7g
Sugar 5g 4g
Protein 8g 9g

Not a big difference.It's 20-30-40 calories. But in this case 30 calories is 17% of the total (180cal).
Why do I care? I just find it interesting. I thought that there is a set standard by NATICK for nutritional values.The other parts (crackers,spreads,desserts etc.) being the same in Ameriqual,Sopacko and Wornick there is some nutritional deficit by the Wornick MREs.
As far as the taste is concerned Wornick was not inferior to Sopacko or Ameriqual.I liked them all. For some reason I had some aversion to Ameriqual made MREs until now but after eating 10-12 of them in the last few months I'm very pleased with their quality and nutritional value.

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Re: Wornick made MREs have less calories?

Post by Ruleryak » Sun Nov 09, 2014 11:55 am

Ameriqual's food quality is just fine - my personal issue is with the bland repetetiveness of their civilian meals, the A-Pack. They don't vary sides, snacks, or dessert so the only thing changing meal to meal in a case is the entree. Plus they package cases as 2 sets of 6 meals, so even that gets repetetive. Ameriqual made MREs are just fine though.

Thanks for posting this info, and for showing all the separate examples. It doesn't seem like a ton of calories, but it's good to know that across a case you could be getting almost up to 500 fewer calories. It appears there's less fat in most items, and in most cases more protein in the Wornick options.

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Re: Wornick made MREs have less calories?

Post by RockyRaab » Sun Nov 09, 2014 5:57 pm

A foot-slogging grunt needs all the calories he or she can ingest. But for a fat old man like me, a lower-cal meal isn't such a bad deal. That's why I buy and eat more TOTMs than full MREs. Heck, I don't often eat all of a TOTM, and I have a cardboard box full of "goodies" I left for later.

That "different" smell in an Ameriqual pack might just be the extra plastic bagging that A-qual uses.
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