usmc arctic camp

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Re: usmc arctic camp

Post by rationtin440 » Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:51 am

Great pics norge! I really love dutch and british DPM (I assume that is what you're wearing, yes?) but it is nearly impossible to find here in new england and I don't know which companies are reputable to do business with who sell it. Have you ever built snow shelters using snow and fallen trees (the branches)? My friends and I have tried that here and it is a fun and challenging thing to do. Of course we do have tentage with us in case we are unsuccessful in building a sturdy one (which does happen more than we'd care to admit! :oops: :cry: ) Once again great pics! It would be interesting to see pics of a norwegian armed forces camp as well to see the differences.

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Re: usmc arctic camp

Post by norge » Mon Mar 15, 2010 1:38 pm

hello rationtin440 :D

the dpm jacket im wearing is a royal marines goretex jacket
and a pair of norwegian army nylon snow camies.

here in norway you can gett dpm uniforms easy when its
exercises,i got my stuff when i was training with the royal marines
and the dutch marines.
you can gett dpm uniforms on ebay england,but goretex is
more expencive.

yes we make snow caves sometimes when the snow is good,have tryed the
snow leanto,but i preffer tent or snow cave or just digg down and pull a tarp or
phonco over it and dive into the sleeping bag :D .
the royal marines and dutch marines uses the last tric a lot since its easy to make
and pretty cosy if its windy,the wind blow over you not through the shelter.

here is a link you can check for norwegian army pictures,i dont have any around.. here it is:

cheers from ken :D

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