MRE Beverage Heaters Coming Soon?

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MRE Beverage Heaters Coming Soon?

Post by kman » Fri Dec 10, 2004 11:42 pm

I was just browsing the MRE XXV (2005) PCRs (Performance-based Contract Requirements) over at the DSCP's web site and noticed a new addition - the "Bag, Hot Beverage". From reading the PCR, it looks like this is a bag that you fill with 12 oz. of water and then placed in an Flameless Ration Heater. Six minutes water for your coffee, tea, or cocoa. Here are the instructions from the PCR:


To avoid a burn, beverage heating time should not exceed 6 minutes.

Use caution when handling HOT beverage bag.


1. Open beverage bag. Fill with water to appropriate fill line. Add beverage powder.

2. Remove air from bag, then secure closure.

3. Place beverage bag in FRH as you would an MRE entrée.

4. Activate FRH.

5. Load FRH/beverage bag into an MRE carton.

6. Heat 4 to 6 minutes. Remove HOT beverage bag. Discard FRH. Save carton.

7. Place beverage bag back in carton. Carton insulates hot beverage and protects hands from heat.

8. Open beverage bag. Drink beverage.
As for the what the bag is made of of, it says "high density polyethylene film (HDPE) of a minimum 0.002 inch thickness...constructed with 1/8 inch wide heat sealed sides and a folded bottom."

Here's a picture of it from the PCR (click to see a larger version):


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