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About the NEWS forum

Post by kman » Thu Mar 06, 2008 5:14 am

Some of you might recall I used to have a "News" section on the main website where I would post MRE news and updates that I found on the Internet. I used a Wordpress blog for this and started posting there before the MREInfo Forums were created. But once the Forums were started, I found myself posting new articles to the News section and then re-posting them in the forums, too. This became tediuos and was too much work so I eventually stopped posting to the News section. Last year I even disabled the News section because it wasn't being updated and I didnt' want to worry about playing catch-up with all the security issues with Wordpress.

I've decided to give the News section a try again but this time I'm going to start it as a Forum here. Topics posted here in the news forum will be automatically displayed on all the pages of the main website via an RSS feed. Because of this, I'm setting up this forum so only I, kman, can create new topics here - but all registered users will be able to reply to those topics and post comments.

If you have an MRE or rations-related news items you think would be a good addition here, please just post it to one of the other forums and I'll move or copy it if it looks like a good item.

Old News Items
I have moved all the old News items from the old News section to here. Some of these items are pretty old (back to 2004) but I didn't want to lose their content. Some of the links in those posts might not work - I've corrected a few where I can but as for the rest...well, those are old news items and the linked/related news articles aren't always going to be around after 4 years so I'm not going to worry about them.

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