2018 MCW Menu 3 Chili Macaroni w/ Beef

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2018 MCW Menu 3 Chili Macaroni w/ Beef

Post by RSMRE » Tue Jul 02, 2019 9:03 pm

So I'm getting a few MRE's together for an upcoming camping trip and then ViperGTS & I began talking about the old times through PMs...That got me thinking, would I really like an MRE now that I'm out of the service? or was it because I was just really hungry? Well tonight I answer those questions.


1 Mountain House Chili Macaroni w/ Beef 570 calories
1 Toasted Corn Kernals 270 calories
1 Vegetable Crackers 160 calories
1 Cheese Spread w/ Bacon 120 calories
1 Peanut M&Ms 250 calories
1 French Vanilla Cappuccino Instant Powder 120 calories
1 Bills Brew Coffee
1 Hot Sauce
1 Gum
1370 Calories

To start with I rehydrated the chili mac w/ 12 oz of water....I generally always use less water than it calls for to avoid it being soupy....but lets forget about that now since it is reconstituting as we speak....

I then opened up the toasted corn kernels. First thing is notice is that amazing hiss you get when you open up a sealed pouch. There isn't much to the smell to notice...although you can faintly smell the toasted aroma. Never ate toasted corn kernels before from a ration....What a treat it is....They are amazingly fresh, there is a good solid crunch to them but they aren't overly hard....I am very impressed that while salted, it does not distract from the toasted corn kernels. As far as serving size, again I am impressed by the volume of toasted corn kernels that are given. I would definitely buy this in the civilian market.

Next up is the Chili Macaroni w/ Beef. First thing I notice when I open the pouch is the aroma of spices....Makes my mouth water. Second thing I notice is that there seems to be an abundance of food inside....I see lots of beef, beans & noodles...but I still can't get over how good it smells. Everything is perfectly hydrated as I knew it would. First bite is absolutely amazing...brings back so many memories. I can taste plenty of the onion & garlic....It's just spicy enough to give it a small (and I mean small) kick. Hot sauce definitely is not needed for this to have flavor. This is truly a superior main to eat. ....I definitely can see me buying this ration again so far. I can't believe how fast I devoured this meal...It was just insanely delicious.

While my stuffed belly settles, I think I'm gonna move onto the Vegetable Crackers with some Cheese Spread w/ Bacon. Crackers survived shipping....I've always loved the Vegetable Crackers. As with the Chili Macaroni w/ Beef, so many memories coming back to me....I can actually remember trading for the Vegetable Crackers as a young private in basic training..I have to say, this is the first I've eaten the Cheese Spread w/ Bacon, and let me tell you, what a treat..Cheese is nice & creamy, but not runny. It reminds me of the Velveeta Cheese you get in the stores when it comes to consistency..Just enough bacon taste for it not to be all you taste...I can still taste the cracker & cheese separately in a bite.

Up next, Peanut M&Ms....What can be said about Peanut M&Ms that hasn't already been said a million times over. The chocolate tastes great. Welcomed addition to the ration if nothing to bring a little bit of home to the soldier out in the field.

Conclusion: While I didn't use any of the beverages (Coffee & French Vanilla Cappuccino), I plan to do so in the morning before I leave for work...It's 9:00PM EST and I don't want the caffeine to really keep me up. Instead I am going to use them as a boost tomorrow morning. I found this MCW Ration to be absolutely amazing. The way simple aromas brought back memories and the tastes were unparalleled. All of the components really felt they belonged together. I can definitely foresee me stocking up on this one ration menu alone. Out of 5 stars, it definitely garners a 4.5 as far as I'm concerned.

Sorry for the lack of pictures/video. I do not own a cell phone and my only camera is insanely blurry. I would like to give a shout out to ViperGTS for making this review possible by taking me down memory lane. Not really sure if my written review is any good but I wrote things down as I consumed them and what my impressions were of the components of the MCW Menu 3 Chili Macaroni w/ Beef.
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Re: 2018 MCW Menu 3 Chili Macaroni w/ Beef

Post by parafireboy » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:37 am

What a great and descriptive review! No need for photos when you can describe it like this. Good job, and thanks for sharing!

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