Food Packet Survival-General Purpose rations...RARE!

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Post by Nawt » Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:05 am

Hi guys,

came along these on Ebay (they kind off link to this topic):

"1962 army vicil defense survival rations", item# 300237966628.
pretty cool. If anyone is interested?
Too bad for intr.ntl. shipping.

Good weekend!

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Re: Food Packet Survival-General Purpose rations...RARE!

Post by Bypah » Sat Jul 05, 2008 2:48 pm

mreheater72 wrote:
Bypah wrote:I opened one of the cans ,the most dented and it had a perfect vaccum seal :o and it contents looked lik if they were packed yesterday!!! :shock:
Do you have some photos of the single entrees?
Well this pics are not of mine ,but the items are the same packaging,except of cornflakes bars mine were oatmeal and granola's... :D
The bars are wrapped like this one,only is the ones i got were compressed oatmeal and granola, 2 each.
The coffee Type I is better than the new crystals(...yuk!)
Similar package only is of Domino brand...
These are the new survival rations.I'm trying to get some of them.On the left is the ol' "tincan" type...
"Live long and prosper..."

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Re: Food Packet Survival-General Purpose rations...RARE!

Post by CaptBob » Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:03 pm

I have a couple of these silver-aluminum ration cans. They have a pull-tab to open it up.

I also have two earlier versions of this that come in a gold-colored, but similarly sized can. They have the old "spam-key" where you insert the metal tab into the end of the key and wind the thing around the lid... anyway, for some reason one of the cans also has a P-38 taped to the lid. Go figure.

I have two of the more recent versions: the components are packed in a simple, brown cardboard box. Neat and compact.

Somewhat related to these is a British pilot's survival pack in a larger can that also serves as a makeshift cup for heating water, etc. I'll have to get some pictures.

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