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big mark you would be surprised with how much i agree with what you said. all i am saying is one man can not be responsible for war. i dont think being in irag is such a bad thing. i believe lets kill the bastards in their own country as opposed to me doing here in my country with my family watching. you cant tell me for one second that some of the people that acted out 9/11 were not in iraq. these beliefs are only my opinion and and an opinion can not be wrong as it is not stated as fact. i respect the beliefs of others but not as strongly as i do my own. i dont really care if others believe as i do, but i will voice my opinion. im sorry that i dont marry the belief that our country is evil and is responsible for everything that is bad in the world. iraq is a small country. africa is a huge country that should have battaling tribes. i live in virginia and we for the most part get along. are you saying that we should have rivaling tribes in virginia shooting killing and raping each other. of course that is ludicrous but that happens in the middle east. i agree that bush is a moron and i am proud to say that i never voted for him. but being a patriotic american i will not say that our country is evil or that our country is capable of faking the worst mass murder in our countries history for no reason. i also would be willing to sacrifice a few for the greater good. even if that few were myself. are you willing to do that. i volunteered to defend this country for us all not just the people with like beliefs. even as bad as i hate to say it i fought for muslims in this country as we have the freedom of religion. although i strongly believe the will go to hell and want to kill me. this is just my opinion and i believe it will be people who think as i do that will save this country from imminent destruction. as you mark i welcome rebuttal and i take offense to personal remarks.
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As a follow-up the the aforementioned documentary I've attached
the White House link of the State of the Union Address 2008

White (Video, Audio, Press Release) ... 28-13.html
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