Open Letter to Steve1989

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Re: Open Letter to Steve1989

Post by ViperGTS » Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:03 am

Came upon Steve out of the blue when researching some ww2 history on YT. He reminded me about the first mre my dad and i had when i was a kid. Steve's personality kept me watching, learning, and excited to try more rations.

Since that day started also watching sticky, rc gusto, emmy, gundog, etc. etc.
Lots of "newer" reviewers are very good as well...too many to list out.

Steve plugged, joined, really hooked now.

I share a popular opinion wife does not understand it at all. But, she cant boil water, so maybe she should take interest in something that can be consumed with no preperation required.
"Little ducks, there's trouble in Russia, so they called us"
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