Funny interaction about steve1989 today

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Funny interaction about steve1989 today

Post by Chasefortheelliott » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:44 pm

I was at the local military surplus store getting a few new MREs (2016 jalapeno beef pepper jack Patty, 2015 hash browns w/ bacon and 2015 lemon pepper tuna) and as I was checking out I made a mention about how I watch some MRE reviewers and it really interesting. It's been a few hours but it went something like this

Cashier "there's a guy in Florida that does some stuff that I watch"

Me "yeah that's the guy I watch too. I love his videos"

Cashier "he eats some stuff he really shouldn't"

Me "yeah. I was watching a video yesterday where he tried something and he's like 'it tastes like dirt. Wait a minute' and he tried some more. And then later he ate another bite and he's like "why am I still eating this?'"

Cashier "maybe he just likes the taste of dirt"

Me "yeah maybe. hey have a good one"

Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny, and great to find someone in the wild who knows about MRE reviews and stuff.

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