Yesterday I learnt...

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Yesterday I learnt...

Post by Telemachus » Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:15 pm

That Cresson Kearney was responsible for the "adoption of the jungle field ration and the jungle hammock as standard equipment by the US Army in World War II" (those words are straight from Wikipedia). I first read NWSS 30 years ago, when as a ten year old , I was trying to convince me dad to dig a big hole in the back garden, where the family could sit and irritate each other whilst the rest of the world died of thirst/boredom/radiation sickness (in the event of a nuclear exchange).

Clearly a knowledgeable/charismatic chap whose experience in the field was valued by the Gov at the time.

Not sure we ever made 'jungle rations' here in England. Feel free to correct me on all of the above. :)

Protect and survive :)

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