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Re: IRMA hurricane threat - anybody affected?

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:27 pm
by Simon2002mre
alohakid wrote:
steve1989 wrote:Doing well and the hurricane didn't cause too much damage here. Hoping Alhohakid is doing okay - and DirtyDave too!

Just getting things back in order and hoping to get back to reviewing in another night or two - totally exhausted after a week long prepping of sandbags, supplies, among many other things.
steve1989 - Glad to hear you're ok, was thinking about you guys during the storm... had a 10 hour power outage but our new generator kept the fridge, microwave oven and more importantly the coffee maker alive (need to schedule an electrician to hook up the entire house soon)... did not have to eat any of the MRE/rations/freeze dried menus... told my bride of 33 years, need to restock water and other supplies (including a crank radio - those ran out fast) for the next one!

Thank you to all for the moral support!

Ya man! Glad to here you are back, and safe. Glad to see you didn't get hit bad