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Post by sodjer » Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:12 pm

I am just following news feeds from southern Germany ,you stay safe tonight ,my friend :D

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Re: Housil

Post by Name_not_found » Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:10 pm

Not sure on whats going on all over right now, Keep safe housil

Hope all our members stay safe too
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Re: Housil

Post by kman » Sun Jul 24, 2016 8:08 pm

It was probably the Munich shooting incident:

http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/22/europe/ge ... -shooting/

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Re: Housil

Post by housil » Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:05 pm

Thanks guys for your sympathy...

Sodjer is right, these attacks are close to us, real close... :shock:

The first one, July 19th when a 17 years old Afghan refugee attacked Chinese tourists in a local train with ax and knife and injured them very seriously was right here at our place. That little fucker, that wasn´t a 17 years old Afghan but a +20 years old from Pakistan, IS member (that released a video announcing that attack) live just a 5 min drive far from us.
Lucky us, A SWAT unit was in town for another arrest and could respond immediately to that scene. That fu**er escaped from the train, attacking a woman walking her dog and hit her face twice with his ax while yelling "Aloha Snackbar". He hid in bushes when two cops showed up, looking for him. When they were point blank, he jumped out of his hiding place, waving his ax...
Boom... boom... boom.... Never bring an ax to a shoot out with SWAT cops!
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07 ... y-injured/

Our liberals try to blame his "mental problems" for his attack

Next one was Friday evening, when I left home to a military camp of reserve unit
An 18 years old, Iranian, Student invited from a Facebook account Turkish teenagers to a Mc Donalds in Munich for a free lunch. When they showed up, he pulled out a Glock and at least shot 9 person before he suicides. News call him "David S", his whole Name is "Ali David S." but media won´t blame an Arabic named guy so the use his more European sounding name only.

Next one happened Sunday, a refugee from Syrian slaughter a pregnant woman with a machete and injured another two. A witness saw it and run him non-lethalover with his car to stopp his amok...
http://www.bild.de/regional/stuttgart/m ... .bild.html

Yesterday evening when I came home, I heard our local ambulance (where Mrs Housil is working) responding to neighbor district.
There was a huge explosion at "Ansbach" (45min far). First they reported an gas explosion at a guest house... (C´mon on, we all know better...)

So what really happened?!
Another - any guessings?! - right, refugee from Syrian tried to enter a (crowded) music festival. The security denied access as he hadn´t a ticket for. So he sat down in front of the entrance and blew up the bomb he had in his rucksack, filled with metal parts also.
http://edition.cnn.com/2016/07/24/world ... any-blast/

But due to our liberals, this all has nothing to do with Islamic terror - we German Nazies didn´t assimilate them enough...

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Re: Housil

Post by Delicious » Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:28 pm

The woman, who was killed in the kebab stand was a Pole - a girlfriend of the assasin. This shows that the threat is not only from the religion/ISIS reasons - it's from the culture. If in your society its ok when you kill a women because she's annoying or the ritual murders (like in Pakistan, because of "honor")- he did the right thing.
I was in Bayern once upon a time, it's a beautiful land. My daughter was baptised there, near Landshut.
Stay safe , friend.
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Re: Housil

Post by [ex-Member1] » Mon Jul 25, 2016 4:45 pm

WOW, just WOW!!! I guess you know best but that 1st guy from the train even your police says he was a retard guy inspired by ISIS, not a real member or had any contact with them. He was yelling "Aloha Snackbar"? Really Housil, really you just wrote somebody yelled Aloha Snackbar? Where am I on some EDL or PEGIDA website?

Beside not Afghan 17. but Pakistani +20? So your Govt. and Police is lying to you and the whole world? You're saying that, right?

2nd that Iranian guy he was born in Germany? If you google Ali David S. you will get enough results from German media so what you want to say with this one? David is a Hebrew name not European, the guy was Iranian born in Germany but the hide Ali part of his name because it sounds Arabic? Did he shouted Aloha Snackbar also or something else? What was he inspired of, an Anders Breivik - or it's another coverup and a lie?

I have lots and lots of friends in Munchen, my friend works in ER and her daughter od 14 years was in that shopping center at Olimpiasturm complex or wherever it was, the kid was taken for 4 hours in some caffee without means to call her mother she is OK. When I talked to them nobody said nothing about Islamic terror or Aloha Snackbars. Is Anders Breivik an example of Christian terror or just a mentally sick moron?

BTW I can give many examples from either Croatians, Serbians, Bosnians and Polaks about how they feel welcomed. They are always auslanders, they children are and their children are auslanders. Let's not joke about german nazis and assimilation or anykind as if it ever existed. I know it didn't, my grandfather fought for your country and he later left his health in Austria. He was auslander before, during and after the war. And we are here, near you, similar culture and everything. Or it's still maybe Germans over Slavic nations problem of assimilation?

For the end I hope this all will not be turned like I support the any kind of attackes that happened. I don't, but I don't suport hipocrates and idiots either. You brought hate and politics on a simple question you where asked and that was are you OK Housil. Are you OK Housil?

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Re: Housil

Post by sodjer » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:38 pm

Housil ,glad to hear you are okay :D
I have military friends near and the threat levels were increased since the 17th,
This was not my intension to bring any politics to this thread , :cry:
I cannot say a lot about the situation in Germany ,but I believe we in the uk are having similar problems,
And I don't like the way it is going ,surely that doesn't make me a nazi too?? ,
Asger, I spent a good bit of time in your country ( well Yugoslavia) in the early nineties and I didn't like you peoples ideas
of assimilation ,that is not second hand ,I saw it personally and that's all I want to say on the matter,
Glad to hear you and your family are safe ,that was my only concern.

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Re: Housil

Post by jubifahrer » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:44 pm

I know housil many years, he is my friend and as you see in the picture of the reserve camp, also my comrade.
I know that he is not a "nazi"
Today everybody is calling you a "nazi" if you tell them that you are not happy about refugee policy.
we have at present more than 1500000 refugees here in last 18 month and less than 30% we know who they are.
Would you like to have them in your country? come on, pick them up!

The bastard of würzburg was valued to 17 years old by government, because he submit that he has no documents and also he submit to be from afghanistan.
when police searched his house, they found documents from pakistan.
can you promise me, that he was the only one, doing like this?

we have big problems now in germany, because now we are in war.
i love to live here and i will fight for this.

bye jubifahrer

p.s. excuse my bad english, got to less practise since first red one left schweinfurt

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Re: Housil

Post by [ex-Member1] » Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:50 pm

There was no politics until Housil started his rampage on foreigners in his country and particular religion.

Sodjer I never asked you what you think about ideas that came from Croatia or Yugoslavia in 90's did I? So why are you pinning them on me or "to you people" like you said? More generalisation and insults? Nice using time travel machine btw, let's all do that and comment other countries and people like they are all the same.

We all love our way of life and want to keep it. That does not mean we can all talk like Housil did. Or even you Sodjer...

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Re: Housil

Post by sodjer » Mon Jul 25, 2016 6:22 pm

I think it is time this thread was locked,
Asger the concept of free speech is new to you ?? Yes