UPS brokerage fees

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UPS brokerage fees

Post by Veggie_MRE_Guy » Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:07 pm

Wasn't sure where to put this.

I'm a total noob and maybe this isn't news to anyone but it was news to me. My package from MRE Nation was dinged with a brokerage fee. The fee is over 100X the tax I owe.

The lady at UPS would have had me believe I needed to drive 2 Provinces over to the border to collect it to avoid the fee!

After the 1st girl hung up I got a more helpful lady the 2nd time who told me I have to wait for my package to be delivered and tell the driver at my door that I'd like to opt for "self accounting." After this the delivery will be taken back to the local UPS warehouse and I get to drive out to Nisku 45 min. away to the airport to clear my package before it's redelivered probably the following week. All this over 13 cents of GST tax!

Honestly I can't help but laugh :lol:

A cautionary tale I wish I had known before hand. I've had terrible luck ordering MRE's online but by God I'll keep on truckin'! I just think of Nathan MRE getting his European mains all removed by customs and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad.

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Re: UPS brokerage fees

Post by Smitty » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:43 pm

Yes, don't order stuff and have it delivered from UPS or FedEx unless you want a surprise brokerage fees. I've had items come back in with higher values than the original item cost. USPS is the safer route though they could always be inspected and have tariffs applied to them coming in. It's pretty rare compared to UPS which will show up at your door and ask for mondo cash. Not really their fault, they have to play by the rules, but sometimes it seems grossly over-inflated
All the best, Gents.

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