Natick seeks beverage heater bar

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Natick seeks beverage heater bar

Post by kturnerga » Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:26 am

I read in the blog where Natick seeks a replacement for the noxious Trioxane bars. I didn't know they were still current US items! I have twelve boxes of them that I might give a good home. At least they don't spill like liquid fuels.

I learned a trick on another forum. Some soldiers in Iraq took Purel (3.00 or so for 8oz at Wal-Mart) and coated an MRE entree. They lit the gel and heated their food quite adequately.

BTW I hope the ration list gets updated to reflect the FSR, or First Strike Ration. It is a three-meal MRE streamlined for those first deployed to the front lines in a conflict. The ration has several high-calorie, high-energy items though it does have a high-energy applesauce and trail mix. Hooah! bars and ERGO drink mix (contains maltodextrin) is included. It is still experimental but the military is thrilled to death!

If I could find something similar to ERGO (I hear bike racers use a similar mix) or something to add Kool-Aid color/flavor to I would not only consume it but send it to our troops in care packages.


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