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Post by carlosflar » Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:18 pm

Madcat77 wrote:
Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:30 pm

1) make a cake without baking
Noww that i remember my mother made a couple of times pudding with crackers... I ended up once with about 15kg of spanish army pan de galleta... and my local church has a breackfast service for the poor and they always need as much help as the can get, and since in my family we have always made cakes, my grandfather was a pastry baker, so it pretty much runs in the family... So we made a couple of huge bread pudings with the crackers, i dont remember the exact ammounts because it was cake for a lot of people so ammounts would be stuff like 3 dozen eggs andd that sort of things... But the main recipe is something like this, you get hard bread, it can be any type of bread, pastries, and also, army crackers, you let them soack in milk with some sugar, cinnamon or vanilla and some sugar, let them soack for some hours, preferably first breack the bread pieces a bit so they get better contact with the milk, after they are pretty soggy, add some eggs and mix everything, at this point you can add stuff like chocolate chips, raisins, lemon zest etc... My mother usually adds raisins soaked in sherry wine... Once everything is mixed you can either pass it through a food processor or just bake it as it, texture changes a bit depending on what you do, your choice on that, once its baked, add caramel or chocolate on top, and serve cold best in my opinion, or with icecream
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