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Australian CR1M 2003/4 comments.

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:13 am
by Mattm199
Hi all,
My first post as a newcomer from Australia. I have enjoyed Steve1989's Youtube work, and finally joined up for the forums.

I have picked up a few US MRE's to check out in the last year or so (still to dare to open the 2008 Menu 4 Cheese and Veg Omelet!). The first MRE I ever tried visiting the US had the beef patty, which I only now realise was the one with the fixings for the famous MRE bacon cheeseburger. If only I had visited here first....

I remembered I had a box of CR1Ms I got in 2007 and dragged then out from the back of the garage to check out (Steve put ideas in my head!).
Three of the five had black sludge in the bottom of the pack, which on opening was from the canned fruit rusting out and leaking.
Two haven't leaked yet, but from what I can see the fruit cans are bulging and on the way of the others. I will probably have to toss them as well, unless the Museum calls!
The other contents not tainted were all pretty inedible, with the biscuits tasting like paint, the M&M's a nasty shade of olive green, and the Chocolate ration initially tasting like chocolate then the spoiled sour milk taste came through.
Managed to salvage the vials of matches, the spoons (different to the current model, by Decor), and the FRED's (one pack had 2 of them!)
Look forward to learning more from the forums, Thanks!

Re: Australian CR1M 2003/4 comments.

Posted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:27 pm
by WorkmanMRE
Hello and welcome to the forums! What a brave dude you are tasting old food! Steve is the man at being a daredevil! I play it a bit safer myself, haha. Did you get any pictures of your cr1m or the tasting? Would be cool to see it regardless the condition. I empathize to your newly found addiction in wich we are all afflicted with.