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Re: Vegetarian options for International MREs? Tips for this fella is appreciated!

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:34 pm
by WorkmanMRE
Asger wrote:
WorkmanMRE wrote: I am starting a youtube channel with my children reviewing Vegetarian MREs. We are looking to expand and look for international vegetarian MREs. I would love any tips or suggestions...thanks and Cheers!
United Nations Combat Ration Pack you have them western, halal, hindu and vegetarian, I think 3 menues each.

NEW: Israeli Army have vegan menues since begining of 2017. ... ions-27656

Australian CR1M have vegetarian menues. Cadet Ration Pack also have menues that could interest you like this one ... P95V30S911
Thats Great I really appreciate you letting me know! What great tips!

Asgr, you let me know how i can repay you! I would like to offer my artistic ability to you.
You have a "Ben WorkmnMRE Favor" owed to you!
Let me know if i can doodle a design or a logo for you! Cheers and thanks again!

Re: Vegetarian options for International MREs? Tips for this fella is appreciated!

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:46 pm
by WorkmanMRE
LaSwede wrote:
WorkmanMRE wrote:
LaSwede wrote:I really lile the idea of a kids friendly meal! A way to make an excursion into the bush more special, and in cases of emergency a way for the kids to take their minds of what it happening around them :) I can feel as a father of one three year old and a one year old with quite a picky taste. That a kids designed meal would have a lot bigger chance of getting accepted than a mre or bush made food :)

Found a menu list for the british vegetarian 24 hour rations, 2016 edition. Might give you some idea of what they contain :)

Agreed Laswede, I think it is an untapped market to parents who love there children...I Was floored after purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of MREs just to find out my kids wont eat but 10% of them. I ended up still cooking for them, which defeats the purpose of an MRE, If im cooking for them might as well cook fresh for myself also. (If available in an emergency situation.)

This is a Passion of mine to make this a reality. Not just for profit but for personal peace of mind.

The list you sent was AWESOME! Im going to try to eat each one! Hopefully My girls can try them with me also. I have a good list of Kid friendly dishes and snacks to start a 10 menu course to start!!

Thanks for the Support and the help on the hunt!

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with, You have earned a "WorkmanMRE favor"! Good to use or redeem anytime!
I am a graphic designer and an illustrator, Maybe I can help you with a design in thanks!
Thanks Again!
Your welcome workman! :)Just drop me a PM if there is anything special you need help with, and I'll do what I can!

Thank you!! I will hold that voucher dear ;) Never know if I'm gonna start a company selling rations/outdoor supply or a youtube channel and thus in need of a logo :)

Awesome. I be here waiting your beccon! Rad