British flying rations

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British flying rations

Post by cap174 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:44 pm

Here are some pictures of the new (ish) British pilot survival rations I got. They are all from around June 2012, expire 2014 - 15.

This is some of the components of the pilot survival ration. I had more, opened some but kept the ones in best condition sealed. It has 6 salts, 2 rolls of 6 water purification tablets, 6 beef stock cubes, 14 sugar cubes and 7 coffee and creamer packets. In the other ones I opened all of the coffee was open and rock hard, but this one seems better. Also - no tea‽ :D

Emergency drinking water. I looked up the NSN, it is specially for fast jets.

Thanks for reading :D
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