Chinese rations

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Chinese rations

Post by cap174 » Sat May 04, 2019 1:04 pm

Hi everyone! I was looking at chinese rations on ebay, and I came across these rations. However - there are two types. Firstly, there is this ... SwkbdbRj46 cheaper ration that seems to not have a main meal, but instead has a cereal bar, and there is this type ... SwE~1cGZPi that's a bit more expensive but actually has a main meal. Does anyone know why there are two T13 rations and is one real and one civilian? Thank you!
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Re: Chinese rations

Post by rareauldmealtimes » Sun May 05, 2019 9:31 am

The PLA have a type 09 & type 13 that are official. Green and Tan Bagged. Plenty of reviews of those out there to see for yourself. I'm not sure on that "T13". Never seen that one before, maybe someone else can confirm if civilian. It looks different than the 09/13's i've seen with it's logo but yet its also close to the official PLA ones. Hmm. Hard to say. For what it's worth I tried a type 09 a little back. It was easily the worst ration I've had. I had hot/cold sweats for about 12 hours after that thing and I know steve said he got sick from his as well. Mine was super fresh too. Unless your doing it for discovery/curiosity... I'd avoid those things. I am from now on! ha! :D

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