The USDA is after me for ordering French Rations - NEW 5/21 UPDATES! This is happening! To everybody :-(

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Re: The USDA is after me for ordering French Rations - NEW 5/21 UPDATES! This is happening! To everybody :-(

Post by Rms2324 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:05 pm

Kays1968 wrote:
Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:34 pm
My experience: I've been ordering internationally for about three years. Never had a problem until this time last year, when everyone was reporting problems. I had three successive shipments confiscated by customs in about a six week period. The three orders totaled about $650, but some of that was refunded by a generous seller. After these incidents, I stopped ordering internationally for about two months. Then, I tested the waters with a single RCIR, and when that was successful, I again ordered a single from the same seller. Since then, I have not lost anything else to customs.

Knock on wood.....

My observations, which may or may not have merit:

1) For whatever reason, customs had a bug up their ass for a short period of time, when everyone got hit, hard. I've worked government, and this seems to be the way things happen. Some dictate comes down and is followed to the letter until the next new thing takes precedence.

2) Small orders pass where large orders get hit. All three orders that were raped were large-ish boxes. Since then, I have ordered a dozen or so single RCIR's, about twenty Lithuanians two at a time, half a dozen single ORP's and various single Chinese, Singapore, Russian, etc. It seems to me that singles get through where large boxes don't, so I'll pay a little more to do it that way.

3) Having said that, I just received a slightly larger box of multiple items. It came through safely, so I will probably risk another larger one in the future. I'm putting some faith in the possibility that the insanity has passed.

4) Finally, it's all a crapshoot anyway. The USDA/customs laws have, do, and will exist, and we take a chance anytime we order overseas. I tend to take a balanced view, and factor the costs and losses as an overall gain, because I'm willing to pay for my hobby. Ultimately, for me, it's entertainment money, and any good accountant will tell you entertainment is always a loss.

Best of luck to all of you, and don't lose hope.....
Hey, thanks for the detailed comment. Seeing these more recent posts about packages getting through is giving me a little more hope. I ordered 7 rations from the same vendor (Delicious, highly recommend :D). He took precautions to minimize the risk by packaging the rations in 2 boxes and sending them only when the first one had left the country.

Hopefully they’ll be fine. It’s a crapshoot, I know, but of the 12 or so other rations I’ve ordered internationally have all been fine. This has been my largest order yet so still anxious. Let’s hope for the best!
Always looking for international ration sellers in the USA!

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